What Is Sectoral Information Network Project?

Purposes Of The Project

General Purposes:
Targets of the Project are;

  • increasing the national and international recognition,
  • increasing the competitiveness level together with an increase in communication power and
  • developing the export oriented activities, in conformity with EU legislations and EU standards of the companies located in TR 61 level 2 region which covers the cities of Antalya, Isparta and Burdur.

Main purpose of the project:
Main purpose of the Project is enabling the export companies, located in Antalya, Isparta and Burdur, to make us of IT services and sectoral information network. After collecting updated data of Antalya Exporters Union members together with using the data for web site, e-guide applications and e-mail chain, Project aims:

  • to accelerate the transportation of the products of agro-industries to domestic and international markets,
  • to enhance the competitive power of companies in domestic and international level.
  • to keep companies informed about EU standards and legislations,
  • to assist companies for getting information about standards of agricultural products and food security issues. (residues)

Special Purpose:

  • Promoting export activities through enhancing the awareness and accessibility level of our members together with connecting exporters, unions and importers.
  • Organizing a sectoral exporter database depending on the information reached through fieldwork.
  • Elaborating members’’ contact details through distinguishing them from general contact details.
  • Preparing sectoral classification
  • Setting up a substructure for transmitting sectoral information to members via e-mails.
  • Enhancing the communication not only between members but also between exporters and Exporters Union.
  • Preparing special spaces on Exporters’ Union’s website in which the companies can update their information and can add additional data like their certificates, patents. This tool will help members to integrate into global markets and will enable importers to contact our members which will result in export promotion,
  • Enhancing their competitive power,
  • Being supportive for 500 billion dollar export target of 2023.
  • Also setting up the substructure for future projects of Union

Project Period

8 months


There are no project partners. Our Union is experienced in project management. The personnel and financial capacity of our Unions is well enough to operate the project.

Target Group(s) / Buyers

Antalya Exporters’ Union General Secretariat members and potential importers.

Final Beneficiaries

Antalya Exporters’ Union members, members of trade and industry chambers, members of merchants chambers, state institutions and organizations, academic personnel of universities and students, customs brokers, logistics companies, inhabitants of Antalya, Isparta and Burdur, importers in foreign countries, internet users and companies

Expected Results

  • enhancing member satisfaction,
  • getting easy access to members’ information
  • providing quick and effective information flow to members in case of urgency
  • receiving sectoral demands from abroad
  • enhancing competitiveness
  • providing information to members related to legislative amendments in foreign markets

Basic Activities

  • organizing a project team
  • providing necessary software
  • providing e-mail and mail chain
  • renewing internet sites
  • providing e-guide with information provided by fieldwork
  • operating visibility activities
  • providing project reports
  • analyzing project outputs
  • providing general assessment of the project